How to Prepare for Sunday

  1. Read the Scripture readings. Click on which Sunday.

Last Sunday Readings

This Sunday Readings

Next Sunday Readings

2. Read reflections on the Scriptures. Click on the following:

Ronald Rolheiser

Glancing Thoughts Eleonore Stump

Scripture Commentary John Kavanaugh

Cultural Context

3. There are three sample Homilies. Before listening to them read RANDOM THOUGHTS which are listed for each Sunday. They are designed to help set the stage for a deeper listening to the Scripture message. It’s found by clicking on LISTEN TO HOMILIES. Then scroll down to select Last Sunday, This Sunday, Next Sunday.

Last   looks back to the previous Sunday
This   looks to the Sunday coming up
Next  looks ahead to the following Sunday

4. There are other web sites (St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO.) which provides additional homilies and background information. Click on selection below.

Saint Louis University