What would happen if you attended Mass with some idea of how the Gospel applies to you?  Do you think there could be an impact on your life if you had a better understanding of the Scripture readings: the Old and New Testament and the letters from St. Paul?

Some feel that Mass can be boring, but as a matter of fact it is an opportunity to create a very personal and enriching experience for yourself.  It can be a time out of your busy week to focus on you and the world around you.

It is how you prepare for Mass that makes the difference.

This web site and the recorded homilies you will find here utilizes modern technology to help you open the door to wisdom – to the past and the growing wisdom of the present.  Each week recorded homilies are available to help you listen and reflect on the Scriptures for the week end.

A community of people can listen to the same homily and take something out of it that is personal to him or her – just like a song with much more history and meaning. Links to additional websites are also available on this site that provide excellent background material.

Mass is a time to discover again that we have a mission to reintroduce our world to the values Jesus taught.  It is my hope that the use of this web site will enable you to enter into a more meaningful conversation with God.

Random thoughts on the Scriptures for March 11, 2018

The reality of God is beyond any thing we can see, touch, taste, smell and feel in the normal way. We are dealing with a reality that is beyond our ability to conceive or understand. In our world the physical defines everything ; so it is difficult believe in something that is not physical.

The good news is proclaimed again. But people preferred darkness to light. Listen to the message again. Jesus did not come to condemn the world, he came to redeem it. There is a new way of seeing, of hearing. There is a kingdom at hand. We are invited to enter into this new dimension that is beyond anything we can imagine.”

Cyrus the great  538 BC: one of the most enlightened rulers in human history. Empire stretched from Egypt to Palestine to Syria to Iraq to Iran. He is known not only for his military power but also for his benevolence.  Rulers before and after Cyrus were known more for their scorched earth policy.  Cyrus was different. He brought peace and prosperity, returned much of the loot taken in conquest.  He released people from captivity, rebuilt much of what had been destroyed.  In addition he respected traditional religious forms of worship in conquered countries.

Paul: About the year 60 BC: Paul was in prison. His world had changed.  His plans for further missionary journeys were over. Many of the churches he founded were now divided and confused. What was happening?  It was a time of uncertainty. This letter was sent to many areas to remind them of the great mystery, the gift of faith.

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